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How is Gatsby’s relationship with Klipspringer representative of his relationships with most of his party guests and “friends?”


Klipspringer, like most of Gatsby’s guests and friends is in awe of Gatsby and would do anything for him. As a result, Gatsby takes advantage of these people for his own profit.


Gatsby sees Klipspringer as a role model and tries to mimic his expressions and manners to better fit in with the old-money crowd.


Like most of Gatsby’s “friends,” Klipspringer is an associate of Wolfsheim's and spends time with Gatsby in order to help manage their illegal business operations.


Klipspringer is the boarder who leeches off Gatsby, or takes advantage of his hospitality, but is not a true friend. Like others in Gatsby's life, he takes advantage of Gatsby and offers nothing in return.


Klipspringer, the owl-eyed man, is like most of Gatsby’s acquaintances in that he assumes Gatsby is a charlatan or fake, but takes advantage of his generosity anyway.

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