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What does Nick describe as an “awkward, unpleasant thing,” he had to do before leaving and how does it show that he has changed?


Nick has to confront Tom and demand an explanation for why he helped Wilson find Gatsby. This act shows that Nick is no longer intimidated by Tom and demonstrates how much self-assurance he has developed over the summer.


Nick has to find Daisy and say goodbye to her in order to prove that he is truly over being part of the romance that went on between Gatsby and her.


Nick has to see Jordan one last time and confirm that the relationship is ended; this shows that despite the drama of the summer, he is more mature than he once was, as one of the reasons he came East in the first place was to run away from a relationship.


Nick decides to see Wolfsheim one last time and ask him if he had any part in Gatsby’s death; doing so will demonstrate that he has become more worldly and better understands that there are criminal elements in the world.


Nick must quit his job and admit he is a failure as a bond trader. This act will end his flirtation with the idea of being a businessman and help him better understand what he wants to do with his life.

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