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After that I lived like a young rajah in all the capitals of Europe – Paris, Venice, Rome – collecting jewels, chiefly rubies, hunting big game, painting a little, things for myself only, and trying to forget something very sad that happened to me long ago.

What is Nick’s reaction to Gatsby’s disclosure about his past?


Nick is impressed by the range of experiences Gatsby seems to have experienced, but doubts that he is hearing all of the details.


Nick must contain himself and not laugh out loud at how shallow and artificial Gatsby’s description of his life sounds to him.


Nick wonders what is true and what is an exaggeration in Gatsby’s description of his early life.


Nick becomes angry as he believes Gatsby is lying to him and trying to hide his connections to criminal activities.


Nick is confused because Gatsby’s account of his early life is very different from the gossip Nick has heard at Gatsby’s parties. He cannot determine which story is the truth.

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