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When Gatsby informs Tom that his car may need gas, Tom replies, if it runs out I can stop at a drug store. You can buy anything at a drug-store nowadays.

What is Tom referring to in this statement?


Tom is referring to Wilson’s garage which is adjacent to a drug store. If the car needs gas, he plans to stop at Wilson’s and see Myrtle.


Tom is referring to the fact that until recently Gatsby was a drug store clerk, and that he is not actually a member of the upper class.


Tom is trying to point out that it should be no concern of Gatsby’s if there is not enough gas in the car. It is very easy to buy gas.


Tom is referring to Gatsby’s business with Wolfsheim, in which they sold bootleg liquor via their chain of drug-stores in New York and Chicago.


Tom is making an offhanded remark, trying to dismiss Gatsby so that they can all be on their way to New York.

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