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As Nick leaves Gatsby for the last time, he calls back to him. “They’re a rotten crowd…You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.”

Why is this statement, at this time ironic?


Gatsby has been seeking Nick’s approval all summer, and he finally offers it when Gatsby least expects it.


Gatsby has just finished telling Nick what wonderful people he thinks Daisy and Tom are, and how he aspires to be more like them.


Gatsby has decided to run away and hide from the police investigation that will surely follow the accident. This is hardly courageous or honorable behavior.


In the last twenty four hours Nick has learned all about Gatsby’s past, including his humble beginnings, his involvement in a criminal organization, and the false pretenses under which he met Daisy.


Daisy has called and asked Nick to leave Gatsby’s house immediately because they can’t associate with him any longer.

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