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Gatsby waits all day for a call from Daisy that never comes. However, what detail from the text creates some question as to whether or not she tried to call him?


When Nick tries to call Gatsby at around noon he learns that the line is busy and is being held open for an incoming call from Detroit. No other call, from anyone, could get through.


Jordan tells Nick that she has to leave Daisy’s house because of all of the arguing over the telephone, suggesting that Daisy was trying to contact Gatsby after all.


The butler was not reliable and though he promised to wait for the phone call, likely did not.


The servants in the house could not hear a gunshot just outside the house, even if the phone did ring, they would likely ignore it.


Tom spent most of the day on the phone at his house, trying to find Wilson, making it impossible for Daisy to make a phone call.

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