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A happy story? This will require a lot more effort than the soup. I rack my brains for good memories. Most of them involve Gale and me out hunting and somehow I don’t think these will play well with either Peeta or the audience. That leaves Prim. “Did I ever tell you about how I got Prim’s goat?” I ask. Peeta shakes his head, and looks at me expectantly. So I begin. But carefully. Because my words are going out all over Panem. And while people have no doubt put two and two together that I hunt illegally, I don’t want to hurt Gale or Greasy Sae or the butcher or even the Peacekeepers back home who are my customers by publicly announcing they’re breaking the law, too” (Collins, ch. 20).

What opinion/thesis is BEST supported by the passage above?


Reality television cannot truly be genuine because it is not actually reality.


Remembering your family is the only way to get you through a stressful situation.


Even selfish people sometimes stop to think of their effect​ on others.


Admitting the rules you have broken will make you feel better in the long run.


People should choose their words carefully, whether there are cameras watching or not.

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