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Which of the following quotes from Chapter 1 BEST supports the idea that Gale understands the actions the Capitol is taking to keep the districts in line?


“Suddenly he falls into a Capitol accent as he mimics Effie Trinket, the maniacally upbeat woman who arrives once a year to read out the names at the reaping.”


“ ‘I never want to have kids,’ I say. ‘I might. If I didn’t live here,’ says Gale.”


“Anyway, Gale and I agree that if we have to choose between dying of hunger and a bullet in the head, the bullet would be much quicker.”


“I’ve listened to him rant about how the tesserae are just another tool to cause misery in our district.”


“ ‘You won’t be going to the Capitol,’ Gale said coolly… ‘What can you have? Five entries? I had six when I was just twelve years old.’ "

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