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Highlight the moment in the following passage from chapter 6 that shows situational irony.

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Shes complimentary about not just our costumes but how we conducted ourselves. And, to hear her tell it, Effie knows everyone whos anyone in the Capitol and has been talking us up all day, trying to win us sponsors. Ive been very mysterious, though she says, her eyes squint half shut. Because, of course, Haymitch hasnt bothered to tell me your strategies. But Ive done my best with what I had to work with. How Katniss sacrificed herself for her sister. How youve both successfully struggled to overcome the barbarism of your district... Everyone has their reservations, naturally. You being from the coal district. But I said, and this was very clever of me, I said, Well, if you put enough pressure on coal it turns to pearls! Effie beams at us so brilliantly that we have no choice but to respond enthusiastically to her cleverness even though its wrong.
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