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“You won’t get a hundred yards from here on that leg," I say. "Then I’ll drag myself," says Peeta. "You go and I’m going, too." He’s just stubborn enough and maybe just strong enough to do it. Come howling after me in the woods. Even if a tribute doesn’t find him, something else might. He can’t defend himself. I’d probably have to wall him up in the cave just to go myself. And who knows what the exertion will do to him? (Collins, ch. 20).

Which of the following can the reader infer from this passage?

Select ALL that apply.


Katniss and Peeta are a lot alike.


Peeta is trying to get himself killed so Katniss can win.


Katniss has a strong protective instinct when it comes to Peeta.


Peeta is starting to resent Katniss for babying him.


Katniss is tired of being tied to Peeta and thinks it is time to act selfishly.

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