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Which of the following passages from Chapter 15 BEST supports the idea that Katniss has a strong desire to survive, long-term?


“I give Rue some matches and she makes sure I have plenty of leaves in case my stings flare up again. We extinguish our fire and head upstream until it’s almost nightfall.”


“The anthem should block out our words, but still I whisper. I even take the precaution of covering my lips with my hand. I don’t want the audience to know what I’m planning to tell her about Peeta.”


“I pull out the glasses and slip them on. Rue wasn’t kidding. I can see everything from the leaves on the trees to a skunk strolling through the bushes a good fifty feet away. I could kill it from here if I had a mind to.”


“ ‘The Careers have two pairs. But they’ve got everything down by the lake,” Rue says. ‘And they’re so strong.’ ‘We’re strong, too,’ I say. ‘Just in a different way.’ “


“ ‘But, Katniss, they’re not hungry,’ says Rue. ‘No, they’re not. That’s the problem,’ I agree. And for the first time I have a plan. A plan that isn’t motivated by the need for flight and evasion. An offensive plan.”

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