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“It’s mayhem. The Careers have woken to a full-scale tracker jacker attack. Peeta and a few others have the sense to drop everything and bolt. I can hear cries of ‘To the lake! To the lake!’ and know they hope to evade the wasps by taking to the water” (Collins, ch. 14).

What fact becomes apparent in the passage above about Katniss’ current beliefs?


Katniss fully believes that Peeta has betrayed her and joined the Careers; she sees no other explanation for his behavior.


Katniss is unsure if she did the right thing by attacking the Careers; she hopes that at least a few of them make it to the water.


Katniss has transformed into the killer that the Capitol wanted; she has no guilt at all for her actions.


Katniss feels confident that the tracker jacker nest was placed above her in the tree by the Gamemakers, just for her to use it.


Katniss is losing confidence in her ability to win the Games; the only reason she was able to hurt the Careers was by blind luck.

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