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After the interviews with Caesar when Peeta says that he loves Katniss, Katniss shoves him and injures his hand.

She says, “He has done me a favor and I have answered with an injury. Will I never stop owing him?” (Collins, ch. 10).

What does she mean by this?


Katniss is upset that she is always so rude to people, especially when they are nice to her.


Katniss is specifically referring to the time that Peeta gave her bread and saved her life, which is another act of kindness for which she thinks she needs to repay him.


Katniss’ family is so poor that Peeta, the baker’s son, probably has given her money on occasion; it makes Katniss feel bad that she has repaid him by injuring him.


Katniss is frustrated that Peeta keeps doing nice things specifically because he wants her to have to do nice things in return.


Katniss feels guilty that she injured him; she knows that she has an angry streak but does not know how to control it in the moment.

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