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I never thought about Peeta eating the squirrels I shot. Somehow I always pictured the baker quietly going off and frying them up for himself. Not out of greed. But because town families usually eat expensive butcher meat. Beef and chicken and horse (Collins, ch. 7).

What can the reader infer is the significance this passage?


Peeta is not grateful for the expensive meat that he eats; this will transfer to his behavior in the games.


Peeta is disrespectful of Katniss’ skill, despite the fact that he eats what she is able to shoot so well.


Katniss is jealous of the town families, especially because they believe they are superior to those in the Seam.


Peeta is seen as a slave in his house, and has to do everything for his family, including preparing the meals.


Katniss is not immune to making snap judgements of others; it is human nature.

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