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Highlight the moment(s) in the following passage from chapter 6 that show(s) irony.

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I asked Cinna why they let us up here. Werent they worried that some of the tributes might decide to jump right over the side? says Peeta. Whatd he say? I ask. You cant, says Peeta. He holds out his hand into seemingly empty space. Theres a sharp zap and he jerks it back. Some kind of electric field throws you back on the roof. Always worried about our safety, I say. Even though Cinna has shown Peeta the roof, I wonder if were supposed to be up here now, so late and alone. Ive never seen tributes on the Training Center roof before. But that doesnt mean were not being taped. Do you think theyre watching us now? Maybe, he admits (Collins, ch.6).
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