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One of the key themes developed throughout the novel is the idea of redemption.

Highlight the phrase from the passage that reinforces how Amir carries into adulthood an ongoing need to be absolved for betraying Hassan when he was a child:

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"Now, if you were American, it wouldn't matter. People here marry for love, family name and ancestry never even come into the equation. They adopt that way too, as long as the baby is healthy, everyone is happy. But we are Afghans, bachem ." "Is the fish almost ready?" Soraya said. General Taheri's eyes lingered on her. He patted her knee. "Just be happy you have your health and a good husband." "What do you think, Amir jan?" Khala Jamila said. I put my glass on the ledge, where a row of her potted geraniums were dripping water. "I think I agree with General Sahib." Reassured, the general nodded and went back to the grill We all had our reasons for not adopting. Soraya had hers, the general his, and I had this: that perhaps something, someone, somewhere, had decided to deny me fatherhood for the things I had done. Maybe this was my punishment, and perhaps justly so. It wasnt meant to be, Khala Jamila had said. Or, maybe, it was meant not to be.
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