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"...Did I tell you I was almost married once?"
"Really?" I said, smiling a little at the notion of Rahim Khan getting married. I’d always thought of him as Baba’s quiet alter ego, my writing mentor, my pal, the one who never forgot to bring me a souvenir, a saughat, when he returned from a trip abroad. But a husband? A father?

In the description of Rahim Khan as Baba’s alter ego, which of the following is true?

Select ALL that apply.


Amir thinks of Rahim Khan in much the same way he does his father: as a friend.


Amir sees Rahim Khan as the source of Baba’s strength and support, and the voice of reason in his father’s life .


Amir sees Rahim Khan as the “quieter” version of his father; the version that takes him seriously and finds interest in his life.


Amir sees Rahim Khan as an extension of his and his father’s lives, and has a hard time picturing him living a life of his own.


Amir believes intuitively that Rahim Khan is his true father.

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