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Highlight the portion(s) of the text from chapter 11 that MOST SUPPORTS the idea that Amir is becoming more capable of putting others’ needs ahead of his own:

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He missed the sugarcane fields of Jalalabad and the gardens of Paghman. He missed people milling in and out of his house, missed walking down the bustling aisles of Shor Bazaar and greeting people who knew him and his father, knew his grandfather, people who shared ancestors with him, whose pasts intertwined with his. For me, America was a place to bury my memories. For Baba, a place to mourn his. Maybe we should go back to Peshawar, I said, watching the ice float in my glass of water. Wed spent six months in Peshawar waiting for the INS to issue our visas. Our grimy one-bedroom apartment smelled like dirty socks and cat droppings, but we were surrounded by people we knew -- at least people Baba knew.
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