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Highlight the portion of the passage that demonstrates how Khala Jamila represents traditional Afghan views of women:

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I learned that Khanum Taheri -- whom I called Khala Jamila now -- had once been famous in Kabul for her enchanting singing voice. Though she had never sung professionally, she had had the talent to -- I learned she could sing folk songs, ghazals, even raga, which was usually a mans domain. But as much as the general appreciated listening to music -- he owned, in fact, a considerable collection of classical ghazal tapes by Afghan and Hindi singers -- he believed the performing of it best left to those with lesser reputations. That she never sing in public had been one of the generals conditions when they had married. Soraya told me that her mother had wanted to sing at our wedding, only one song, but the general gave her one of his looks and the matter was buried. Khala Jamila played the lotto once a week and watched Johnny Carson every night. She spent her days in the garden, tending to her roses, geraniums, potato vines, and orchids.
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