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Farid’s initial response to Amir is somewhat hostile, and Amir is not sure why. Which of the following passages provides an explanation for why Farid dislikes Amir?

Select ALL that apply.


“Farid had two wives and five children. ‘He used to have seven,’ Rahim Khan said with a rueful look, but he’d lost his two youngest girls a few years earlier in a land mine blast outside Jalalabad.”


“Farid, my driver, threw me a cold glance. There was no sympathy in his eyes.”


“Why are you coming back here anyway? Sell off your Baba’s land? Pocket the money and run back to your mother in America?”


“‘I would bet my first son’s eyes that this is the first time you’ve ever worn a pakol?’”


“Farid gave me another dismissive look, this one with a hint of barely suppressed animosity, and went back to smoking his cigarette. He hadn’t said more than a dozen words since we’d departed from Jamrud Fort.”

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