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He had withered -- there was simply no other word for it. His eyes gave me a hollow look and no recognition at all registered in them. His shoulders hunched and his cheeks sagged like they were too tired to cling to the bone beneath. ...Then he told Baba about Kamal. I caught only snippets of it: Should have never let him go alone... always so handsome, you know... four of them... tried to fight... God... took him... bleeding down there... his pants... doesn’t talk anymore... just stares…

What is the BEST explanation of this passage from chapter 10?


Kamal has deteriorated physically as a result of suffering a sexual assault.


Kamal is sick and it is affecting his ability to speak.


Kamal is so upset by his role in the rape of Hassan that his health is deteriorating.


Kamal refuses to speak to Amir because he is ashamed of his appearance.


Kamal’s father is not sure what is causing his deterioration.

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