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In the final lines of chapter 9, as Baba leaves to drop Hassan and Ali off at the bus station, Amir watches from the window:

I stepped back and all I saw was rain through windowpanes that looked like melting silver.

Silver is often seen as symbolic of purity and strength. Using this knowledge, which of the following is the BEST meaning of the excerpt?


After Hassan left, Amir is now the symbol of strength. He has always been the pure, unadulterated child, and now he can be seen as such by Baba.


Hassan and Ali were symbols of purity and strength in the lives of Baba and Amir, and now those symbols are fading away.


Amir’s strength will be found in the rainy season of Pakistan, and he will go in search of Hassan in order to regain his purity.


Baba’s strength and control over his life is total now. He will not be faced with the weaknesses of Ali and Hassan — Baba had tried to strengthen both of their weaknesses in life, but he was unable to fully accomplish the task.


The household of Amir and Baba will become less honorable now that Ali and Hassan have chosen to leave because Amir and Baba no longer have the purity and strength needed to keep their household whole.

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