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The end, the official end, would come first in April 1978 with the communist coup d’etat, and then in December 1979, when Russian tanks would roll into the very same streets where Hassan and I played, bringing the death of the Afghanistan I knew and marking the start of a still ongoing era of bloodletting.

Which of the following pieces of information would BEST support and enhance the details mentioned in this excerpt from chapter 5?

Select ALL that apply:


On November 21, 1979, a mob in the Pakistani capital Islamabad burned the US Embassy and killed a marine because of a report that accused the US of occupying Islam's holiest site, the Great Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


In December of 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in support of a communist regime there.


A new Afghan government forms in April of 1979. Closely tied to the Soviet Union, it begins to implement land and social reforms that were largely resented by Muslim and anti-communist residents.


The United States led a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics in an effort to show opposition to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.


The last Soviet troops pull out of Afghanistan in 1989, leaving behind a decade-long civil war between the hardline Islamic Taliban and the more moderate Northern Alliance.

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