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What America and the world needed was a hard man. A man to be reckoned with, someone who took action instead of wringing his hands. That someone came in the form of Ronald Reagan. And when Reagan went on TV and called the Shorawi "the Evil Empire," Baba went out and bought a pictures of the grinning president giving a thumbs up. He framed the picture and hung it in our hallway, nailing it right next to the old black-and-white of himself in his thin necktie shaking hands with King Zahir Shah.

Which of the following is implied in the above passage from chapter 11?

Select ALL that apply.


Baba believes that a man should be willing to take action.


Baba holds a place of status and prestige in his community.


Baba is a student of American history.


Baba is devoted to his hatred of Russia.


Baba enjoys and appreciates the art of photography.

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