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Instead of remaining in the moment of action in Chapter 7 when Assef is hit in the forehead by a rock thrown by Hassan, Amir closes his eyes, and his thoughts trail away from what he is faced with into points of his past -- two memories and a dream.

The first memory is one of his father's explanation that both he and Hassan were breastfed by the same Hazara woman. The second memory is of a fortune-teller who sees Hassan's future, but won't tell him of what will happen.

The dream is one that is filled with frustration and terror as Amir finds himself alone in a snow storm. He dreams that he is a ghost. A hand reaches out to him, and once he takes the "familiar shape" he is transported to a field with a blue sky above and green, yellow, red, and orange kites flying above.

The author's purpose in including the two memories and a dream is

Select ALL that apply.


to satisfy Amir's concerns for his friend and allow him to gather the power to help him.


to exhibit Amir's inability to deal with the situation he is being faced with.


to reveal Amir’s subconscious assessment of himself and his relationship with Hassan .


to juxtapose Amir’s thoughts with those ​of Hassan in a single moment.


to give Amir the right to look away from the situation at hand and focus on the future.

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