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Kafka's relationship with Felice Bauer was chronicled in love letters exchanged between the two. New Republic author Cynthia Ozick notes that the author "wanted to claim and envelop her altogether." Which line(s) evoke the tenor of Kafka's relationship with women? Choose ALL that apply.


"It showed a lady done up in a fur hat and a fur boa, sitting upright and raising up against the viewer a heavy fur muff in which her whole forearm had disappeared."


"It now seemed only too obvious that they were disapointed in their expectations of hearing beautiful or entertaining violin-playing, had had enough of the whole performance."


"For instance, in the span of two or three evenings he carved a little frame. You'll be amazed how pretty it is; it's hanging inside his room."


"But the woman, instead of getting frightened, simply lifted up high a chair newar the door, and as she stood there with her mouth wide open, her intention was clearly to shut her mouth only when the chair in her hand came crashing down on Gregor's back."


"And it was like a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions when at the end of the ride their daughter got up first and stretched her young body."

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