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Biographers note that many Jewish authors of the time struggled to express themselves in German but felt pressure to assimilate into the dominant Christian culture by writing in that language.

Which of the following seem to symbolize Kafka's struggle against what he calls is the "impossibility of writing German?" Choose ALL that apply.


"That was the voice of an animal."


"Gregor's body was completely flat and dry; this was obvious now for the first time."


"He was undoubtedly hurting himself in some way, for a brown liquid came out of his mouth, flowed ove the key, and dripped onto the floor."


"He first had to edge slowly around the one wing of the door, and do so very carefully if he was not to fall flat on his back just before entering."


"Lying in the darkness of his room, invisible from the living room, he could see the whole family sitting at the table under the lamp and could listen to their conversation"

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