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In the scholarship on Kafka's life, one of the most prominent relationships that emerges is his conflicted relationship with his bullying father.

That relationship is fictionalized most famously in the scene when Gregor's father drives him back into his room after he disrupts the boards.

Please select the detail from the passage that most clearly highlights the elder Samsa's powerful brutality.

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Now, however, he was holding himself very erect, dressed in a tight-fitting blue uniform with gold buttons, the kind worn by messengers at banking concerns; above the high stiff collar of the jacket his heavy chin protruded; under his bushy eyebrows his black eyes darted bright, piercing glares; his usually rumpled white hair was combed flat, with a scrupulously exact, gleaming part.  He threw his cap -- which was adorned with a gold monogram, probably that of a bank -- in an arc across the entire room onto the couch, and with the tails of his long uniform jacket slapped back, his hands in his pants pockets, went for Gregor with a sullen look on his face. He probably did not know himself what he had in mind; still he lifted his feet unusually high off the floor, and Gregor staggered at the gigantic size of the soles of his boots.
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