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Which two statements BEST exemplify the deterioration of Gregor' relationship with his father over the course of the narrative?


A. "If I didn't hold back for my parents' sake, I would have quit long ago."

B. "Gregor staggered at the gigantic size of the soles of his boots."


A."[A] splinter of glass wounded Gregor in the face."

B. "Gregor's and his family's future depended on it."


A. "He sat down at the head of the table unfolded [his] napkins, and picked up [his] knives and forks."

B. "Leave my house immediately."


A. "And more as a result of the excitement produced in Gregor by these thoughts than as a result of any real decision, he swung himself out of bed with all his might."

B. "And so he fled to the door of his room and pressed himself against it for his father to see..."


A. "I am speaking here in the name of your parents and of your employer and ask you in all seriousness for an immediate, clear explanation."

B. "He leaped down several steps and disappeared, but still he shouted, "Agh" and the sound carried."

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