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He wept as a woman weeps when she throws herself on the body of her husband who has fallen before his own city and people, fighting bravely in defence of his home and children. She screams aloud and flings her arms about him as he lies gasping for breath and dying, but her enemies beat her from behind about the back and shoulders, and carry her off into slavery, to a life of labour and sorrow, and the beauty fades from her cheeks- even so piteously did Ulysses weep. (Book VIII)

What is the purpose of the above simile?


To reflect the immense tragedy that had befallen the Trojans and the Achaeans.


To show that Ulysses does have a weakness.


To emphasize the melancholy feeling that the Phaeacians have awakened in Ulysses.


To reveal that Ulysses is no longer brave enough to continue his struggle.


To emphasize the loss Ulysses feels when he remembers the events of the Trojan war and the men who died there.

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