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Eumaeus sprang to his feet, and the bowls in which he was mixing wine fell from his hands, as he made towards his master. He kissed his head and both his beautiful eyes, and wept for joy. A father could not be more delighted at the return of an only son, the child of his old age, after ten years' absence in a foreign country and after having gone through much hardship.

What is ironic about this quote? Select ALL that apply.


Eumaeus is actually Telemachus' father, but Ulysses does not know.


Ulysses, Telemachus' actual father, is there watching this reunion.


Telemachus is actually the one who has been gone ten years and faced hardship.


Ulysses has actually been gone for ten years and returned after much hardship, but he is not able to greet Telemachus.


The description of Eumaeus greeting Telemachus is what should have happened between Ulysses and Telemachus.

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