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In the final book of The Odyssey, a discussion occurs in Hades. The following excerpt from the discussion provides a judgment of Penelope’s character.

"Happy Ulysses, son of Laertes," replied the ghost of Agamemnon, "you are indeed blessed in the possession of a wife endowed with such rare excellence of understanding, and so faithful to her wedded lord as Penelope the daughter of Icarius. The fame, therefore, of her virtue shall never die, and the immortals shall compose a song that shall be welcome to all mankind in honour of the constancy of Penelope. How far otherwise was the wickedness of the daughter of Tyndareus who killed her lawful husband; her song shall be hateful among men, for she has brought disgrace on all womankind even on the good ones."

What helps to reinforce Penelope’s faithfulness?


That Penelope is the daughter of Icarius, renowned for his loyalty.


The parallels drawn between her and the daughter of Tyndareus.


The word choice ‘possession’ emphasizes Penelope’s position as Ulysses’ property.


The description is spoken by Agamemnon, whose wife’s unfaithfulness caused his death.


The promise of fame and renown she will receive for her virtue.

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