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Which quote BEST illustrates the idea that a mortal is at the mercy of the gods?


There he is, lying in great pain in an island where dwells the nymph Calypso, who will not let him go; and he cannot get back to his own country, for he can find neither ships nor sailors to take him over the sea.


Mercury, you are our messenger, go therefore and tell Calypso we have decreed that poor Ulysses is to return home.


Nevertheless I had to come, for none of us other gods can cross Jove, nor transgress his orders.


"You gods," she exclaimed, "ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You are always jealous and hate seeing a goddess take a fancy to a mortal man."


Jove commands you to send him swiftly on his way: it is not his fate to die here far from his friends: he is destined to see those friends again, and reach his vaulted house and his native isle.

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