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As Ulysses (disguised as a beggar) and the swineherd head into town, Melanthius insults them both and

As he passed, he gave Ulysses a kick on the hip out of pure wantonness, but Ulysses stood firm, and did not budge from the path. For a moment he doubted whether or no to fly at Melanthius and kill him with his staff, or fling him to the ground and beat his brains out; he resolved, however, to endure it and keep himself in check, but the swineherd looked straight at Melanthius and rebuked him, lifting up his hands and praying to heaven as he did so.

Why does Ulysses chose to do nothing in retaliation? Select ALL that apply.


He is too weak from his journey.


He does not want to reveal his identity.


Melanthius might be a god in disguise and Ulysses does not want to risk angering a god.


The swineherd might betray him in order to gain favor with the suitors.


He has learned the importance of patience from past recklessness.

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