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Mercury tells Calypso that Jove has decreed that she must let Ulysses go. She replies

You gods... are always jealous and hate seeing a goddess take a fancy to a mortal man, and live with him in open matrimony. So when rosy-fingered Dawn made love to Orion, you precious gods were all of you furious till Diana went and killed him in Ortygia. So again when Ceres fell in love with Iasion, and yielded to him in a thrice ploughed fallow field, Jove came to hear of it before so long and killed Iasion with his thunder-bolts. And now you are angry with me too because I have a man here.

The incidents of other god-mortal romantic relationships are included in order to _______________.

Select ALL that apply.


draw on mythology familiar to Homer's audience.


show the similarities between Calypso and Ulysses and other immortal-mortal pairs.


put the tale of Ulysses on the same level as other well-known ancient Greek stories.


create a tangent to show that Calypso did not see her relationship with Ulysses as a serious one.


create more suspense by making the story longer.

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