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Telemachus went through, and out of, the cloisters spear in hand- not alone, for his two fleet dogs went with him. Minerva endowed him with a presence of such divine comeliness that all marveled at him as he went by, and the suitors gathered round him with fair words in their mouths and malice in their hearts; but he avoided them, and went to sit with Mentor, Antiphus, and Halitherses, old friends of his father's house, and they made him tell them all that had happened to him.

What does the above quote, which occurs after Telemachus returns back home, indicate to the audience?


Telemachus has not changed; he is still a weak boy.


The suitors are now overtly scheming against Telemachus.


Neptune's anger against Ulysses has now spread to Telemachus.


Telemachus displays more confidence than before he left on his journey.


The suitors fear that by attacking Telemachus, Minerva will seek revenge.

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