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The muse inspired Demodocus to sing the feats of heroes, and more especially a matter that was then in the mouths of all men, to wit, the quarrel between Ulysses and Achilles, and the fierce words that they heaped on one another as they sat together at a banquet. But Agamemnon was glad when he heard his chieftains quarreling with one another, for Apollo had foretold him this at Pytho when he crossed the stone floor to consult the oracle. Here was the beginning of the evil that by the will of Jove fell both Danaans and Trojans.

Why does Ulysses weep after this episode?


He is reminded of the many sorrows he has been through.


He is angry that everyone will know about his quarrels with his fellow warriors.


He feels upset that the full truth about his journey home is not known.


He cries tears of joy that he is regarded as a hero.


He weeps with relief to know his friends have not been forgotten.

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