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After the suitors are defeated, Book XXIII begins:

Euryclea now went upstairs laughing to tell her mistress that her dear husband had come home. Her aged knees became young again and her feet were nimble for joy as she went up to her mistress and bent over her head to speak to her. "Wake up Penelope, my dear child," she exclaimed, "and see with your own eyes something that you have been wanting this long time past. Ulysses has at last indeed come home again, and has killed the suitors who were giving so much trouble in his house, eating up his estate and ill-treating his son."

Which best describes the change in mood between Book XXII and Book XXIII?


Hostile to dreary.


Vengeful to joyous.


Suspenseful to mellow.


Sentimental to relieved.


Anxious to satiated.

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