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How does the following line emphasize how Ulysses feels after his last day with the Phaecians?

As one who has been all day ploughing a fallow field with a couple of oxen keeps thinking about his supper and is glad when night comes that he may go and get it, for it is all his legs can do to carry him, even so did Ulysses rejoice when the sun went down.


The word choice related to farming emphasizes how Ulysses feels humbled by his journey and is ready to return to his place as king of Ithaca.


The simile expresses the weariness and anticipated comfort a farmer feels at the end of a long day, which emphasizes how Ulysses anticipates the relief of finally heading home after his years-long journey.


The line is part of key dialogue that gives insight into how Ulysses craftily interacts with the Phaecians in order to cover up his true feelings of dread at being detained there.


The metonmy of "supper" standing in for "family" helps reinforce the feelings of sadness and longing that Ulysses feels by this point in his long journey and extended stay with the Phaecians.


The alliteration of "fallow field" develops a foreboding feeling that mimics the nervous anticipation that Ulysses feels as his final departure from the Phaecians draws near.

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