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Ulysses asks Minerva why she never appeared to help him in all the time between the Trojan War and when he arrived at Scheria.

She replied

"As for my not coming near you, I was never uneasy about you, for I was certain you would get back safely though you would lose all your men, and I did not wish to quarrel with my uncle Neptune, who never forgave you for having blinded his son."

Minerva's explanation reinforces what key ideas of The Odyssey?


Ulysses' free will is a key component of the narrative.


The fate of Ulysses always resided with things beyond his control; namely, the gods and their complicated relationships.


The interrelationships amongst the gods were human-like in their complicated and sometimes petty nature.


Minerva serves as a minor character who illustrates the laissez faire attitude of the gods.


The wanderings of Ulysses are not as significant in comparison to Ulysses final fight to reclaim his land.

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