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When Miss Kenton brings flowers, Mr. Stevens rebuffs her by pointing out to her deficiencies. Identify elements in Miss Kenton’s diction that show her spirit in the following exchange between the two.

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Mr. Stevens, I may not have been a housekeeper for long, but I would say that in the time I have been, my abilities have attracted some very generous remarks. I do not doubt your competence for one moment, Miss Kenton. But a hundred things should have indicated to you that my father is a figure of unusual distinction from whom you may learn a wealth of things were you prepared to be more observant. I am indebted to you for your advice, Mr. Stevens. So do please tell me, just what marvelous things might I learn from observing your father? I would have thought it obvious to anyone with eyes, Miss Kenton. But we have already established, have we not, that I am particularly deficient in that respect.
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