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What is the significance of the celestial light that,

showed the familiar scene of the street, with the distinctness of mid-day, but also with the awfulness that is always imparted to familiar objects by an unaccustomed light when Dimmesdale.

Hester and Pearl stand together on the scaffold? (127)


The quotation is a metaphor for the supposedly holy Dimmesdale showing himself in a new light.


The quotation is ironic because the guilty Dimmesdale prefers to keep his secret in the dark.


The quotation contrasts the lightness of Dimmesdale's soul with the darkness of the surrounding night sky.


The quotation plays on the lightness of Pearl's laughter and how it makes Dimmesdale feel more familiar and at home.


The quotation is a metaphor for the darkness of sin and how it obscures the familiar.

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