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What are the most important things we learn from the following passage in Book II, as Jake walks back to his hotel after being hit by Robert:

Walking across the square to the hotel everything looked new and changed. I had never seen the trees before. I had never seen the flagpoles before, nor the front of the theatre. It was all different. I felt as I felt once coming home from an out-of-town football game. I was carrying a suitcase with my football things in it, and I walked up the street from the station in the town I had lived in all my life and it was all new. They were raking the lawns and burning leaves in the road, and I stopped for a long time and watched. It was all strange. Then I went on, and my feet seemed to be a long way off, and everything seemed to come from a long way off, and I could hear my feet walking a great distance away. I had been kicked in the head early in the game. It was like that crossing the square. It was like that going up the stairs in the hotel. Going up the stairs took a long time, and I had the feeling that I was carrying my suitcase.

Select ALL that apply:


Jake is no longer interested in being with Brett.


After living in Europe for so long, Jake is homesick and wants to return to America.


After setting Brett up with Romero and fighting with Robert, Jake feels like everything has changed.


Jake’s high school football career left him with unresolved emotional trauma.


Jake is seeing himself, and his relationship with Brett, more clearly.

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