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Which statement best summarizes Jake’s meaning in the following passage from Book II?

The Biarritz crowd did not like it. They thought Romero was afraid, and that was why he gave that little sidestep each time as he transferred the bull’s charge from his own body to the flannel. they preferred Belmonte’s imitation of himself or Marcial’s imitation of Belmonte.


The crowd at the bullfight does not like that the matador is imitating another’s moves.


The crowd recognizes that Romero is not as good a matador as Belmonte or Marcial.


The crowd is judging the bullfight incorrectly because they do not understand what they are seeing.


The crowd wrongly believes that Romero’s moves indicate a desire to imitate Belmonte.


The crowd is not fooled by Belmonte’s ability to “act” in the bullfighting ring.

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