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Highlight the portion of the text that indicates the climactic moment in the novel:

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He was crying. His voice was funny. He lay there in his white shirt on the bed in the dark. His polo shirt. "I'm going away in the morning." He was crying without making any noise. "I just couldn't stand it about Brett. I've been through hell, Jake. It's been simply hell. When I met her down here Brett treated me as though I were a perfect stranger. I just couldn't stand it. We lived together at San Sebastian. I suppose you know it. I can't stand it any more." He lay there on the bed. "Well," I said, "I'm going to take a bath." "You were the only friend I had, and I loved Brett so." "Well," I said, "so long." "I guess it isn't any use," he said. "I guess it isn't any damn use." "What?" "Everything. Please say you forgive me, Jake." "Sure," I said. "It's all right." "I felt so terribly. I've been through such hell, Jake. Now everything's gone. Everything." "Well," I said, "so long. I've got to go." He rolled over sat on the edge of the bed, and then stood up. "So long, Jake," he said. "You'll shake hands, won't you?" (198)
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