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What is the best explanation for the diction and syntax in the following excerpt from Book III, when Jake arrives at the Hotel Montana to rescue Brett?

Did I want to stay myself in person in the Hotel Montana?
Of that as yet I was undecided, but it would give me pleasure if my bags were brought up from the ground floor in order that they might not be stolen. Nothing was ever stolen in the Hotel Montana. In other fondas, yes. Not here. No. The personages of this establishment were rigidly selectioned. I was happy to hear it. Nevertheless I would welcome the upbringal of my bags.
The maid came in and said that the female English wanted to see the male English now, at once.


Jake is frustrated that he is incapable of understanding the broken English of the hotel staff.


Hemingway is reinforcing Jake’s negative emotions through the repetition of negative words.


Jake is revealing his prejudice against working class Spanish people.


Hemingway is reproducing the awkward English of the hotel staff for humorous effect.


Hemingway is commenting on the expatriate lifestyle of moving fluidly from country to country.

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