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'It's my fault, Jake. It's the way I'm made.'
'Couldn't we go off in the country for a while?'
'It wouldn't be any good. I'll go if you like. But I couldn't live quietly in the country. Not with my own true love.'
'I know.'
'Isn't it rotten? There isn't any use my telling you I love you.'
'You know I love you.'
'Let's not talk. Talking's all bilge.’

How does Hemingway’s signature style in the passage above reinforce the content of this interaction from Book I between Jake and Brett?

Select ALL that apply.


Most of what is significant in the conversation is left unsaid.


The use of polysyndeton in the passage supports the way these characters cling to each other.


The short, clipped sentence structure supports the idea that these characters are not revealing much of significance to each other.


The failure to include dialogue identifiers (“she said”, or “Jake said”) makes it difficult to distinguish between the speakers.


The use of highly charged, emotional language contradicts the dispassionate nature of the interaction.

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