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Choose the best analysis of the tone in Jake’s description of the men who are with Brett when she makes her entrance into the club in chapter 3.

“A crowd of young men, some in jerseys and some in their shirtsleeves, got out. I could see their hands and newly washed, wavy hair in the light from the door. The policeman standing by the door looked at me and smiled. They came in. As they went in, under the light I saw white hands, wavy hair, white faces, grimacing, gesturing, talking. With them was Brett. She looked very lovely and she was very much with them. […] I was very angry. Somehow they always made me angry. I know they are supposed to be amusing, and you should be tolerant, but I wanted to swing on one, any one, anything to shatter that superior, simpering composure.”


Jake is disgusted with himself for not being attractive enough to hold Brett’s attention.


Jake is excited, anticipating the opportunity to fight with one of them later.


Jake is amused that Brett thinks these men are attracted to her.


Jake is disgusted at the very existence of these men because of their clear homosexuality.


Jake is pleased that he has finally reached a point where Brett’s arrival with other men does not affect him at all.

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