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What does Joe fail to understand about Janie, as illustrated by the following quote?

"She wasn't even appreciative of his efforts and she had plenty cause to be. Here he was just pouring honor all over her; building a high chair for her to sit in and overlook the world and she here pouting over it!"


Janie has never cared for the material goods that Joe has provided for her as part of his effort to pour "honor all over her."


Janie needs Joe to explain to her specifically which actions he takes to honor her.


Janie feels that because she puts in work equal to the work Joe puts in that she should have the same status as him.


Janie is in love with one of the townspeople, so nothing that Joe does is going to impress her now.


The status that Joe confers on Janie means nothing to her if she is not allowed to share meaningful connections with either him or the other townspeople.

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