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How is Janie's burning of the head rags a reclamation of her power?


This act symbolizes her casting off society's expectations of her her and signals the beginning of a new time of feminist discovery.


The act symbolizes that she no longer has to follow Joe's rules about the store, and she can run it how she wants to run it. It has passed into her keeping, and she will make it her own.


The act symbolizes that she is no longer under Joe's power, and that she is ready to begin anew as her own person, free to achieve her own dreams.


The act symbolizes the death of her love for Joe. Without Joe to appreciate it, it no longer matters to Janie how her hair looks.


The act symbolizes her need for change in her looks as well as change in how she lives. She has had the same hair style for a number of years, and she knows that life will have to change since Joe is no longer around.

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